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Delphine’s Magical Hair Appreciation Post

make me choose: sarah&cosima or sarah&alison?
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- I’m so sorry, Red. I let you down.
- No, you didn’t.

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My poor, poor Rachel…

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 Emma Watson attends the ‘Vogue Paris Foundation Gala’, Paris (9th july 2014)


Emma Watson attends the ‘Vogue Paris Foundation Gala’, Paris (9th july 2014)

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The Orphan Black Cast on Tatiana Maslany
↳ Tatiana’s dedication, strength, spunk, friendliness and professionalism have infused the entire crew with a love for the show and a standard of working. She knows everyone’s names, says hello to everyone regardless of where they are on the so-called totem pole, is always kind regardless of how exhausted she is…and has garnered so much respect from everyone. It’s really special, and she is really special. – Kathryn Alexandre

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"This is like my graffiti room. I just decided that like I wanted to paint the walls. It’s cool man. No one can tell me what to do."

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Cophine - 2x06 To Hound Nature In Her Wanderings

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A child’s voice, however honest and true, is meaningless to those who’ve forgotten how to listen.

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anonymous asked: helena or rachel duncan?

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